Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Fever

It topped 60 degrees here today, marking this as the first day of spring in my mind. We uncovered the sand box and have the first (dreaded) piles of sand on the floor in the house. Green shoots are inching up outside and the kids have tested out bare feet on the soggy, still-cold ground. Bliss.

I no longer feel like cooking. Bring on the brat and burger picnics!


  1. Mike and I tried kangaroo in Australia!?! It was very lean but a little spongy. I wouldn't recommend it.

    He's also had squirrel and tripe. Nasty!!!

  2. I didn't know they ate kangaroo! Is it considered fine dining, a staple like beef, or "bushmeat"? And yes, tripe is among the most hideous things I've ever had in my mouth. Almost threw up on it without even knowing what it was. Definitely unnatural.