Friday, March 5, 2010

Parent's Night In

We had a rare opportunity Thursday night. Grandma was visiting and offered to take the grandkids (my 2 kids and their cousins that live nearby) out for pizza. The kids were thrilled of course, and happily bounded out the door with Grandma "Orange Juice."

The particularly unexpected part was that we had dinner ready when Grandma came in and made her offer. We had grilled some steaks (it's above freezing in MN so grilling season has officially begun), made a nice salad, and oven-baked some potatoes. Even grabbed a bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner.

Once Gram left with the kids, my husband and I were alone with a great meal in front of us and blissful peace and quiet all around. We were giddy as we s l o w l y enjoyed our meal. We conversed. We sipped wine. We were in our own home and were tasting every bite of our meal. Heaven!

We guessed that the next time such an event might happen is when the kids are all teenagers and eating with friends. Maybe I'll do a 10th? 13th? 15th? anniversary blog post to mark the occasion. Sort of like watching for Haley's Comet. You know it'll come, but it might be a long, long wait.

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