Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White bread and burgers with Grandpa

My grandpa lives in a small town on the Iowa border that sometimes has a restaurant in business, and sometimes not. Since our last trip down, the gas station that used to feature a decent selection of lunch items changed hands and no longer had much selection. So, we made burgers at Grandpa's house instead.

There are exactly three items that will appear on the dinner table at his house in tremendous quantity, regardless of season or menu. They are: mashed potatoes, salt, and onions.

I like to eat at my grandpa's house, not because of memories the meals evoke (they have changed since my grandma died), but because they are always basic and good. They are often followed up with a bowl of strawberries or raspberries, unadorned, for dessert. The burgers we had for lunch were pan-fried and served on white bread with ketchup, the only condiment in his fridge. They were remarkably good. As usual, so were the mashed potatoes.

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