Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food Product

We have a huge box of Velveeta cheese-product in our fridge right now. The last time I saw this in a fridge in a house I was living in was approximately 28 years ago.

It was suggested as part of a macaroni dish I made last week, and I must have put it in and out of my grocery cart three times before committing. I started to read the ingredients list but stopped myself.

In the days since buying this mysterious food-product I've enjoyed experimenting with it. Does it taste good straight out of the box? No. Does it cut well? No. But it is bouncy, which is sorta fun. Does it "melt better than cheddar"? Yes. And it makes a decent mix with other cheeses in a grilled cheese sandwich. It acts like Elmer's School Glue to hold everything together, which is rather nice. And it is pretty quaint. Like the green cans of parmesan cheese-dust I grew up on.

Food snob? Nutritional guru? I don't qualify. I have pudding cups in my cupboard and really like frosted shredded wheat and Ovaltine. We've recently rediscovered butter & cinn & sugar sandwiches from my youth -- finally a sandwich the kids and I all rather like! But the Velveeta will probably not be making a repeat appearance anytime soon. Even if it is nice and bouncy.

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