Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week 46—Target trip

Monlentil soup with ham
Tueschicken enchiladas (Best Loved CrockPot Recipes)
WedsBBQ pulled pork sandwiches and greens (Best Loved CrockPot Recipes)
Thurs chicken fingers and sweet potato fries
Fri cheese and broccoli soup (HyVee Cookbook)
Extras pizza
We've been gone all weekend, so I'm preparing to head to the store now after having made a quick menu plan. We need everything from cleaning products and toothpaste to milk and bread, so I'll go to Target for a one-stop shop. My husband is reading to the kids. He definitely has the more daunting task ahead. Anyone know if they sell kid-sized sheets of Velcro I could attach to my kids' sheets and pjs? Happy cooking.

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