Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 41--Sam's Club Menu

MonRotisserie chicken and squash (rotiss chickens are $4.98 at Sam's)
TuesSalmon and sweet peas
WedsSteak and mashed potatoes
Thurs BBQ pork in crock pot
Fri Rigatoni Isabella
Extras Lots o' leftovers in that fridge...
I went to Sam's Club on Saturday to buy 3 items: a giant can of Ovaltine, milk, and orange juice, and then see what other deals looked appealing. $140 later I had what I hoped was a generous supply of foodstuffs for the next week and beyond. Pork loins for $1.98/lb? Gigantic food-service size crushed tomatoes for $2.48? Pineapples for $2.88? Crazy.

I'm still getting used to shopping there since I don't like to warehouse food, but I'm also realizing there are some items that might be convenient to have around. We'll see how it goes. If I'm still staring at 3.5lbs of salmon ($21!) in 6 months in my freezer, then I'll know I waste less by keeping things slim. For now, if anyone needs to borrow a cup of rolled oats, we've got enough to fill a small sandbox. Happy cooking.

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