Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meatballs Are Not Photogenic

Since it's cloudy here today with 100% chance of meatballs (given Monday's batch of 120), I figured I'd post the one moderately appetizing photo of a meatball I took. This photo reminds me of a story I heard about the challenges of photographing casseroles for magazines. Your average Taste of Home issue, for example, has probably 357 casseroles in it. What do you DO with all those? Barring photoshoots in tropical climates that will automatically make anything in the picture look good, they're all going to look like slabs of lumpy stuff under melted cheese in elongated pans.

In the design world we always said no matter your product, if you stick an animal--or more specifically a puppy--in the photo with the product, it'll sell. That imagery really breaks down when you're talking food, though. If it's good enough for the dog, it's, well...

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