Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bloggy Movie

I watched "The Julie/Julia Project" over the holidays. I enjoyed the story, and took a look at the blog for the first time tonight.

Matt and I saw the Julia Child kitchen a few years ago, immortalized in the Smithsonian. It makes an appearance in the movie--make sure to check it out if you're ever doing museum rounds in DC (shown here). The pans you see on the back wall are hung on peg-board with marker outlines that make it easy to tell which pans hang where. Like a well-organized workshop where function drives form.

I write this without much point other than to say that if you're remotely into food (even if it's not French cooking), and if you periodically take the time to read THIS little blog, then you'd probably enjoy the movie. For reference, here's the blog that inspired the movie:

I think the closest I ever get to French cooking is a healthy use of butter and frequent purchases of baguettes. Don't think cooking my way through a Julia Child cookbook is in my near future, but maybe "Mastering the Art of Great Tortillas." Something south of the border... yum.

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