Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 39—Salmon and Steak

Monsalmon with carrots and collard greens
Tuesgrill steak with baked sweet potatoes
Wedslasagna (left-over from the freezer) w/salad and cottage cheese
Thurs chicken salad with bread/crackers, cheese and tomato soup
Fri stuffed peppers
Alts Chachere's dirty rice; chip plate w/homemade chips and refrieds
Variety was the motive behind this week's menu. I looked to land, sea, and freezer for ideas to bring some colorful things to the table. My husband made some fabulous homemade cinnamon rolls this weekend with a healthy (!) layer of cream cheese frosting. That, plus the cookies I made with my daughter on Friday means we are not lacking for calories as the week begins. Happy cooking.

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