Monday, February 1, 2010

Keeping Track

Feeling like I need to keep track of some recent bulk-purchases, I reinstated a list I've used occasionally in the past. I wrote down some of the non-standard items that are currently residing in my freezer on the chalk wall in my kitchen. Hopefully this will help me remember to use them in the coming weeks' menu plans.

On another note, I inadvertently ended up making a family-style Mexican spread tonight. Yum. I wanted to do something with the left-over rotisserie chicken from the weekend and found myself making flautas for the first time. Very fun! Lots of frying. Then I found a recipe for Mexican red rice that looked tasty--I even had lard to fry the rice in for a more authentic taste. Then I opened a can of refried beans and toasted them with a sprinkling of cheddar, mashed some avocado, chopped some spinach, more cheese, some crema, salsa, and olé.

The thing I love about Mexican cooking is that the ingredients are usually staple-type items and there are any number of ways to combine them for unique dishes. Very fun, and if you have a taste for it, nearly foolproof in terms of taste. The kids like to pick from the toppings too, which can help get them to eat a meal that they may be less than thrilled about.

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