Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pizza Day-in-the-Life

How late afternoon proceeded on Wednesday:

No one is napping. Bodily eliminations discovered in various areas of the upstairs couch and carpet. Thank goodness for removable couch covers. Suddenly feel motivated to clean entire upstairs. Plan to begin cooking dinner delayed.


Clean-up done. Get an IM from husband saying it would be a good pizza night. BUT we have a plan for dinner already and we both want to exercise some pizza-eating discipline. I tell him what the dinner plan is and he reminds me this dish was blamed for killing a small town in a Monty Python sketch.

4-year-old suggests it would be a good pizza night. Something in the air? Family-wide dread of salmon loaf more likely. She must sense it's coming because I haven't mentioned it yet.

I casually look up some online pizza deals at Green Mill. Conclude there are some offers not-to-be-missed, and besides, it's getting late to make The Loaf. Everyone wearing thin from a long afternoon.

Husband IMs he's leaving work. Sideways reference that IT WOULD BE BAD TO GET PIZZA. I take the cue.


Family happily eats pizza in clean upstairs.


  1. I LOVE salmon loaf! Really! It was my birthday dinner request year after year when I was little! :) Does your recipe include crushed saltine crackers?

    FYI: Mike HATES salmon loaf, but will tolerate it once a year.

    If you want a yummy tuna casserole recipe by Julia Childs, it's another one that I think is so tasty, but I don't know if I can pull it off again with the rest of the family.

  2. Ah, someone to share leftovers with then! I found this recipe in a magazine while waiting in a doctor's office. If it turns out well, I'll post it. Zucchini, carrots...can't recall about the saltines. Seems like they're almost required in this dish!