Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I love new recipe success. So far we've made 3 new recipes this week, and all have been exceptionally good. Tonight was the curried chicken w/peaches. Yum. My favorite so far: enchilada casserole. We had that last night and it made great left-overs for lunch today. The ham and cheese pasta was excellent as well, although "serves 4" must have meant 4 starved lions. So we froze half of that dish which was a nice bonus for a future evening.

On another note, my mom called tonight to say that she thought she should come up this weekend just in case our baby arrived early. Note that it is April 13 and the due date is April 28. Does she sound excited? My mom is easy to have around, and the kids love having Grandma here, but I had to say a firm "no" to that offer! Having someone else in your house inherently involves some changes to routine. These days, I'm all for routine as well as any personal time my husband and I can get.

I think we'll make some cookies tomorrow. We're long overdue.

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