Sunday, April 11, 2010

Candle Lesson

I was sorting through some photos and came across this lesson in candle placement. This was a cake we had for my grandpa's birthday back in February. Looks yummy, huh? If you like wax, that is.

My mom brought tall skinny candles, and I brought some traditional sized candles. We decided to put them all on for dramatic effect.

Within moments after lighting them we learned this important lesson: tall skinny candles should never mix with short candles. The heat from the short candles started to melt the middles of the tall candles almost instantly. Then, as about 6 people worked frantically to blow them out, they faced the challenge of having to "catch" the long candles in motion as they bent and flopped like flaming noodles.

Dramatic, but leaves an unpleasant waxy finish on your frosting. Candle segregation is highly recommended.

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