Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby food reference

I found this list online for when to introduce certain foods to babes. My days of instant meal-prep a la breast-feeding are soon coming to an end and I needed to brush up on what to serve when. It's interesting to glance through just to remind yourself of options out there. I keep hearing about how fantastic quinoa is, but have yet to try it. Any good recipes you've tried?
Iron-rich Foods*
Beans & Legumes
-Red Kidney Beans-9-11 months
-Lima Beans-9-11 months
-Edamame-9-11 months
-Silken Tofu-9-11 months
-Cannellini Beans-9-11 months
-Butter Beans-6 months
-Navy Beans-9-11 months
-Aduki Beans-9-11 months
-Barlotti Beans-9-11 months
-Pinto Beans-9-11 months
-Chickpeas-9-11 months
-Reduced Sodium and low sugar canned baked beans-9-11 months
-Red and Green Lentils-6 months
-Peas and Split Peas-6 months
Artichokes-9-11 months
Potato with Skin-6 months
Pumpkin-6 months
Sweet Potato-6 months
Mushrooms-9-11 months
Figs-7-8 months
Prunes-7-8 months
Dried Apricots-7-8 months
Peaches-6 months
Raisins 12-15 months
Blackstrap Molasses-9 months
Whole-Grain Breads and Pasta
-Couscous-6 months
-Millet-7-8 months
-Barley-6 months
Leafy Green Vegetables
-Spinach-6 months
-Kale-9 months
-Swiss Chard-9 months
-Collards-9 months
-Turnip Greens-9 months
-Bok Choy-9 months
Fortified Formula and Cereals-6 months
Egg Yolks (well cooked)-7-9 months
Nuts & Seeds (finely ground)-6 months (if no history of family allergy)

*Absorption of Iron is improved by serving Iron-rich foods with Vitamin C-rich foods or Protein-rich foods.

Protein-rich Foods
Egg whites (well cooked)-7-9 months
Yogurt 7-9 months
Greek Yogurt 7-9 months
Cottage Cheese7-9 months
Ricotta Cheese 7-9 months
Mild Cheddar 7-9 months
Pasteurized Goat Cheese-9-11 months
Beans (see list above)
Legumes (see list above)
Amaranth-7-8 months
Quinoa-7-8 months

Vitamin C-rich foods
Kiwi Fruit-7-9 months (later if concern of sesame seed allergy)
Citrus-9-12 months
Berries-9-12 months
Red, Orange and Yellow Bell Peppers 9-12 months
Cauliflower-6 months
Cantaloupe-6 months
Peaches-6 months
Nectarines-6 months
Broccoli-6 months
Zucchini-6 months
Butternut Squash-6 months
Pumpkin-6 months
Sweet Potato-6 months
Juice-7-9 months (diluted 1 part juice 10 parts water)

First Meals By: Annabel Karmel
Cooking for Baby: Lisa Barnes
Baby and Toddler Cookbook: Rachael Anne Hill

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