Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Loose End

So, what ever happened with that little food-making service project you  had planned for Habitat for Humanity, Nicole?

Well, the short of it is that my kids were not interested. When it came time to help mix the snack mix together, my 3-year-old son kept asking if HE could keep any of the snacks. Ownership is important when you're 3, likely more so than knowing that some stranger is having a house built and the workers might like a bite to eat when they're not pounding nails. My 5-year-old was busy with her own projects/toys/cartoons/interests and could not be bothered. Which brings me to Mom Lesson #197: let your kids choose the service work they'll do.

I ended up making it solo, although they did come along for the delivery. The valentine cards they made for a nursing home in Feb went great. It's a matter of picking the right thing, and trying different things until you find something that clicks. Like so many things in life. I'll have to remember this when they're choosing careers. "A poet? Full-time? Really? Remember when you wanted to be a builder or an OBGYN?" And they'll say, "Go make some snacks for Habitat, Mom."

Fair enough.

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