Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 44--winter wind-down

Monspinach souffle
TuesBBQ chicken
Wedsmeatballs w/rice avgolemono (Greek Cooking NY Style)
Thurs steak stir-fry w/broccoli
Fri catfish, cornbread & chickpea tomato soup (soup from Once Upon a Tart)
Extras canned beef & noodles; chili
Winter seems like it's wrapping up soon, or should be. I therefore wanted to get a couple soups on the menu, and some oven recipes that I know I won't be in the mood for once spring breezes are here.

This blog is likely wrapping up soon as I near the 1-year mark. For now, the race is on as to whether I'll have my third babe or reach week 52 on the blog first. Based on past due-date performance, the blog should win by a couple weeks. Not that I'll stop cooking and meal planning. I just have to set an end-date for this thing sometime or, knowing me, it'll go forever. Like the daily calendar I've kept since I was 7 years old. Maybe this weekly menu-planning thing is for a slightly obsessive personality type? Hmm... Happy cooking.


  1. oh no...say it isn't end date to the blog?? I hear ya, though. I still feel as though I should be keeping a daily calendar, but I have let it slide in the last couple of years. ;)

  2. Bummer, this has been fun!

  3. Wow. Dedicated readers, you warm my heart. Really, though, I've gotta make time for the book deals, publicity calls, and interviews. This blog stuff is just so intense! ha. Thanks for reading.