Friday, February 5, 2010

Homemade Ice Cream in 10 min

This is a fun food project with kids, especially siblings or play-dates so you have extra help mixing. We only had to mix it for about 5 min before it was done. Maybe be/c we packed it with snow in addition to the ice cubes, so it was REALLY cold. The recipe is from Parents magazine.

1. Fill a 1-gallon plastic baggie halfway with ice. Add 6T rock salt.
2. In a 1-quart plastic baggie (or another 1-gallon or large sandwich bag), add:
- 1c milk (the more fat, the richer your ice cream)
- 2T sugar
- 1/2t vanilla
- handful of add-ins such as choc chips, chopped strawberries, etc. as desired
3. Seal the smaller baggie and put inside the larger bag. Seal. Shake for 5-10 min until hardened. Less time if you want to enjoy something like a milk-shake.

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