Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week 14 - Little Italy

MonLinguini w/carrot ribbons (unmade alternate from last week)
Tuesfalafel w/pita
Wedsspaghetti and meatballs (compromise: I'm making the meatballs, buying the sauce this week)
Thurs T-bone steaks w/parmesan (Bon Appetit, Sep '03)
Fri Italian meatloaf (from Deceptively Delicious)
Alts homemade pizza; chip plate
Got groceries w/both my kids this morning which I rarely do, but my husband needed a way to clean the bathroom and floors to prep for a dinner party without small assistants. Amazing how a "rocket ship" grocery cart and a doughnut in their hands can get you through the aisles so peacefully. Stuffing kids with sugary treats that haven't been paid for yet...haven't I read about these nightmare parents somewhere? Trip: success. Happy cooking.

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