Thursday, July 9, 2009

Week 12–Camping Food

Breakfasts (3)Instant oatmeal; pancakes; fruit cups
Lunches (3)Goober sandwiches; chunk canned turkey, cheese, crackers; Nutella+ banana sandwiches; misc chips, pudding cups, granola, fruit chews, soy milk boxes (these don't have to be refrigerated)
Dinners (3)La Choy Beef dinner w/crunchy noodles; sausages over the fire w/beans; chicken a la king over instant mashed potatoes
Over-the Fire Treats – Jiffy popcorn; s'mores
We're spending the next week on the road. The first half is relatively civilized, spent in hotels with most dinners out. The latter half we'll be camping. We plan to cook most of our meals when we camp, and I want to have a large part of the meals planned and packed before we leave. We can buy some groceries on the road once we leave the hotel (e.g. buns, butter, fresh fruit). Nice opportunity to check out some farmer markets we might see on the way too (Wisconsin=fresh cheese curds). I made the plan last night, went to Target and fit everything into a box. Neat to see your "rations" quantified that way. Family of 4 + 4 days outdoors = one box of food.

Camping is one time I go easy in the extreme when it comes to meal-prep. Open can, heat! Or cook on a stick. This is fun (and fascinating) for all ages. Anyone have camping meals they enjoy? I've found some helpful family camping tips at Pete's Family Camping for other campers out there that are getting back in the swing of things. Happy cooking.


  1. There are also shelf-stable (no refrigeration needed) cow's milk boxes available. Usually organic, ultra-pasteurized - Horizon Organic is one - available at Target in the cooler with regular milk, but doesn't need to stay that's spendy tho. I don't know if my kids would drink soy milk...?
    We've always enjoyed pasta when camping, especially if you don't mind "jar" sauce. Add some frozen meatballs or pre-cooked chicken and its good, non-camping camping food.

  2. Pasta! Of course. I'll add it to my camping list for menu items. Good to know about the Horizon shelf-stable milk. Thanks for the ideas.