Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 11--Crocked

MonStir-fry with beef, snow peas, and carrots
TuesCream-cheese chicken with broccoli (Crock pot cookbook)
WedsPhilly cheese-steaks (Crock pot cookbook)
Thurs Pasta con aceto balsamico (Italian cookbook)
Fri Creamed spinach and tortellini (Italian cookbook, for crock pot)
Alts Steak and potatoes; blts w/avocado
Grabbed the crock-pot cookbook this week, so have a few recipes I'm trying from that. Otherwise, there's a strong slant toward red meat and the grill. Must be summer. I've been debating serving ALL our meals outside, from breakfast to dinner. Clean-up is so much easier with little kids when it's left to the ants. Happy cooking.

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