Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 6 - Viva Italia (+ Fajitas)

Chicken Fajitas
TuesSalmon and Collard Greens
WedsLasagna (freeze 1/2)
FriRigatoni w/Sausage and Peas
AltsPizza (Luce!); Popple (Jody's recipe in comments a couple postings below)
I'm still pondering the results of last week's poll. Ye hearty poll-participants appear to be unanimously prep-chef AND clean-up crew in your households. Why is this? How can it be? Passion for more time in the kitchen? Fear that no one else will wash the spoons as well? Spouse convinced (told, even) that this is not their place? Fascinating. I would be a miserly bat wielding a rolling pin of bitterness. We all sort out how to deal with the hectic balance of parenting, working, and running a household, don't we? Happy cooking (and cleaning).


  1. Laughing out loud at your summary of last week's poll! :)

    Thanks for the idea to do tacos on a bed of chips --- much easier for little hands to handle and a big success at our house!

  2. Hey--we made a Hopple Popple today! It was fun to do and tasty. Kate refused to touch it (too much stuff all together), but finally took the required "one bite" and liked it. Will add it to our weekend staples.