Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crunchy Lemonade (i.e. A Call to the Doctor)

Occupying young kids while cooking is half the battle of completing any recipe as many of you know. I thought I'd found a way to reasonably entertain my 3-year-old by getting out a fancy and apparently delicate aperitif glass from which she could sip lemonade. I think she must have been trying to catch a small ice cube, and bit down on the glass. She ended up with a mouthful of broken glass. Yikes. Recipe Step 2: Call the pediatrician.

It was impossible to tell where all the glass ended up (swallowed? on the table?), but the doctor assured me that typically this type of thing passes without a problem. In case you're wondering, you look for fever or stomach pains within 3-4 days. It wasn't worth x-raying because the glass was clear and likely wouldn't show up. I don't remember what I made for dinner that night, but I will certainly remember my daughter's appetizer.

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