Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Whole New Ice Experience! Or not.

When you buy ice, it's not as though you're choosing from a variety of brands. Usually there are some different weights, and maybe block vs. cubed.

When my husband brought home Super Chill ice before our last camping trip, I was intrigued by their package claim to "chill a whole new way."

Really? Are claims like this even necessary in the ice cube industry? How different could one ice experience be from another?

My toddler was pretty intrigued by this ice, but he's only been walking the earth for a little over a year. To me, just cubes. Would have been kind of fun to find a dollar bill or cool ice shapes inside. Maybe some novelty toy frozen in one of them. Missed opportunity for Super Chill ice to become my sought-after brand of choice!

I have to conclude that it still just doesn't matter where you buy your 20lb bag of ice.

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