Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 99—As of Thursday

Mon – Chicken stir-fry
Tues –  Turkey sausage and veggie fry-up
Weds – Grandma's spaghetti
Thurs Tacos (this word means "high heels" in Spanish, which makes me like the food that much more)
Fri – Burgers or breakfast
Alts – Alfredo; falafels
We were supposed to attend a Kindergarten pizza party tonight at my daughter's school. I was personally thrilled, because it meant no dinner-prep, and no subsequent clean-up. Sadly, she got sick this afternoon, so no pizza party. Boo hoo. The party was smartly set-up: if you attend, just bring a pizza to share. They provided drinks and a dessert. How easy is that? Would have been fun. Ah, 2 years and we'll get the chance with our son.

For now, it's nearly the weekend. Happy Friday, and happy cooking.

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