Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 98—Back to School, for the 1st time

Mon – Homemade pizza, salad
Tues –  Chicken stir-fry
Weds – Beef skewers w/cherry toms and mushrooms
Thurs – Pasta, beans, and greens
Fri – Burgers/dogs
Alts – Alfredo; falafels
I've been admittedly lax on the whole meal-planning-grocery-shopping ritual this latter part of summer. It's been a nice break, reminding me of the order that is brought to my life when I do menu plan. No scrapping for meals, no looks of "what's this?" when I set, uh, something on the table.

Tomorrow, 9/12, represents the first time in my 6 years of parenthood that I will officially ship a kid off to school for all-day every day education. Which means one huge thing to me: I have to have 3 kids who are in varying states of neediness (diapers to tricky zippers) out the door by 8AM every day.

Some parents shed tears at the prospect of sending their little ones off to kindergarten. I think my overriding concern is for one of a dictated schedule for the first time in years. What does parenthood look like from here? Should be an exciting week. Happy cooking.

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