Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 96—summer stride

Mon – Dogs and burgers, grilled sweet corn
Tues –  BLTs
Weds – Rigatoni Isabella
Thurs Squash soup and cheddar biscuits
Fri Grandma Barb's Spaghetti (thaw)
Alts – eat out; breakfast
I've hit some sort of rhythm with my recent grocery trips, spending precisely the same amount this week as last. I had some pretty good things happen last week, discovering some mature savings bonds yet to be redeemed and getting free 2-day shipping on a book order because of a nice customer service guy. Maybe that good karma will repeat this week as well?

The pepperoni-roll from week 94 was atrocious. So salty it made your tongue feel like it was shriveling up. Gah. Will NOT be using Pillsbury tube-o-french-bread again. You say I should have known just by the fact that it used Pullsbury tube-o-french-bread? True. So true. Happy cooking.

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