Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday Week, 2011 Edition

We're in the middle of our annual birthday week. Had a tie-dye-pinata-horse-themed party over the weekend, which marked our first-ever "kid party." A bold step in parenthood for sure.

Today my daughter turned 6. She requested that I make beef stir-fry for dinner. It warmed my heart that she asked me to make something that I learned how to make within the past few years, and that I make without a recipe, varying it each time (very unusual for me). It made me feel a little bit successful as Mom-in-the-Kitchen, which is not an entirely familiar feeling!

My son turns 4 tomorrow. He requested pancakes for dinner, which should make a nice pairing with the cake we'll have for dessert. Syrup, anyone?

Pictures to come of cakes and/or party stuff. For now, I have presents to wrap!

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