Monday, July 18, 2011

Dinner plan? Meh.

Not planning meals this week since it's so hot that none of us really seem to be eating much anyway. Doesn't mean exciting things aren't happening on the meal front, however. Highlights thus far this week:

– Having Jimmy John's deliver to my car (complicated tale, but let's just say they provide excellent service)

– Trying out a new local taco shop that offers things like 16 hr brisket and pumpkin seeds in their taco selection. All tacos $2.50. My husband and I tried 5 kinds tonight with a cool beer. Perfect. Rusty Tacos, right next to Trader Joe's for curious local readers.

– Having popcorn for dinner on Sunday. Seems like there was something else too, but all I remember was the popcorn.


  1. I wish I could eat popcorn EVERY night for dinner! Go Nic, embrace the hot. We had take-out bbq pizza tonight. Yum. And no dishes!

  2. Does Maaliq eat bbq pizza? Impressive! Any meal sans dishes is a good meal.