Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bowled Over

Did I already show these? After my littlest babe broke all my mixing bowls (and fortunately not himself) in one fell swoop this winter, we ordered some new bowls online.

I've loved these, even all the ridiculous little sizes they come in. I think I used them all in the first 2 days of ownership, just because of the fun colors and sizes. They made me look for excuses to "need" that tiny little blue bowl or that slightly-larger-but-not-quite-mixing-bowl-category red bowl. The huge one is a pretty putrid shade of green though. 

I like that they are somewhat taller and narrower than my previous very broad, wide set. It makes them easier to handle.

All this is to say I should actually be planning out this week's menu so the bowls have a purpose, other than holding the Cheerios and salad that are currently the only things available.

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