Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 93—Camping, cont.

Mon – Stir-fry
Tues –  Burgers 
Weds – Dogs/Brats
Thurs Turkey sausage foil-packs (w/potatoes, peas, etc) my favorite camping meal
Fri eat out/toss in a pizza
Alts – free dinner for kids this week at IKEA! (through July 4)
So it's partially laziness, partially just hot weather cooking, but the theme this week is certainly MEAT + GRILL.

I should circle back to my brilliant camping scheme of cooking everything on a stick/hot-pot/foil pack too. Had I carried that plan out, we would have starved. Husband 1, wife, well, 1 for at least listening and packing the campstove. A) no fires allowed when camping in the Badlands and B) not much wood to be found in some of those desert-like areas of western N Dakota. Besides the fact that handy-man husband spent nearly 5 hours completely rebuilding the camp stove so it would work like new, which it did.

Happy cooking.

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