Sunday, June 12, 2011


Getting ready to camp in cowboy country for a week (Dakotas/Montana). I was excited about making only foods that you cooked on a stick/pie pot thing-a-ma-jig/or foil packs. Husband NOT so excited about being so reliant on a campfire, thinking we'll want the cookstove anyway. So I'm planning.

My list-in-progress (numbers indicate number of times served):

Instant oatmeal (2)
Yogurt & oats & peaches/apples(2)
Eggs and toast (2)
Pancakes (2)

Hodgepodge. Bringing stuff for:
wraps/sandwiches that can be filled with:
- Goober pbj
- Nutella & bananas
- cream cheese and jam
- canned turkey/tuna and cheese

Side options:
pudding cups
pita chips
sun chips
ritz & squeeze cheese
fruit cups
...and lots of other snacks Grandma packed!

Walking tacos (fritos/meat made in advance or chili beans/avocado/toms/cheese/salsa)
Corn on cob & hot dogs & beans
Spaghetti and meatballs and peas
Turkey sausage foil-pack (new potatoes, onion, gr beans)
Chicken a la king on mashed potatoes
possibly chili or other soup (bring frozen)
+ we'll eat out ANY and as many meals as needed for peace and sanity

singing apples (stick apple on a stick; cook until sings; peel; roll in cinnamon and sugar)

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