Monday, June 27, 2011

fuel for the fire

We found ourselves short of firewood during our first night camping in western North Dakota. We did, however, find plenty of dry buffalo chips. Recalling a bit of history we'd read about prairie kids picking up chips for fires, we decided to give it a try. (The photo was taken after we'd found some sticks the day after we'd tried lighting the chip).

It didn't work out—although it smoked a bit.

Anyone have tips on how to properly ignite dried manure? Come on, Bobby Flay! Share your insider secrets!


  1. Just don't roast marshmallows over it! EEWWWWW!

  2. No worries. We planned on popcorn, in those sealed up packs you cook over the stove. The whole thing was a little sketchy. It's probably good it didn't work.