Sunday, January 16, 2011


An unwatched pot always boils. And boils. As you play a game with the 5-year-old, build blocks with the 3-year-old, and explore instruments with the 8-month-old and utterly lose yourself on the hardwood floor of family togetherness.

Not that I'm claiming this. My husband did it. But I'm really glad he did because we had a great time.

So I'm signing off for the last time for quite awhile I think. I'm going to redirect my cooking blog energy toward my professional work. Since this blog occupies approximately 10 minutes of my time each day, I am gifting myself an extra hour of time each week to put toward my freelance business. I love late Christmas presents.

Anyway. It's somehow satisfying to conclude with a photo of an utterly scorched pot instead of some perfectly turned out cake that took 16 hours to make. After all, there were enough salvageable noodles in the pot to meet our needs, and the kids found the skin formed by the pasta boiling over fascinating for at least 2 minutes. There is good in all that.


  1. I am sad to see this go. Will you keep the site posted?

  2. Collies for sale, your pick. See ad in weekend paper. Local only, thanks.