Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 84--Carbs

MonEasy lasagna
Tues –  Au Jus French Dip (Hy-Vee 75th Anniv. Cookbook)
WedsBBQ chicken
Thurs Pistachio-Crusted Fish Fillets (Taste of Home)
Fri Pasta Carbonara (Taste of Home)
AltsCuban rice
9:10PM and I'm running to the store. Will see if I can "shop the list" to get home in less than my usual 1.25 hrs. I get to the grocery store and I seem to zone out looking at all the products. Not exactly at peak efficiency this time of day. Had a great weekend with semi-unexpected visitors from Iowa, Brazil, and Chile. Fun to see people, even though we nearly lost them at times in our house full (and I mean FULL) of half-disassembled Christmas decorations and still-new toys. Happy cooking.

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