Monday, July 5, 2010

Comments Made Easy

FYI, I've now made it easy to comment on the blog. If I find that I'm getting random bizarre spam-ish comments, I'll use the login process again. For now, comment away, anonymously if you prefer! I love hearing from you.

On that note, this comment was made on the sidelines/off-site about Choco-Hoto-Pots:
Out of curiosity I googled Choco-Hoto-Pots.  Would you believe there are MANY entries/images, and this actually looks like something I'd love to try.  Apparently Nigella Lawson has a recipe that accounts for most of the google results, including a link on  You'd think a better name would probably help this recipe's popularity, though.

Let me know if anyone tries these things.


  1. This is great, I love commenting.


  2. Great! I love reading them. Comment away.