Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pepper Mill Love

When my pepper mill of the past 7 years broke this spring, I went on the prowl for a new one. They're not cheap and you have them for years, so I wanted one I wouldn't wish death upon after purchase. This style is one I've wanted to work really well, but didn't believe actually would. My sister was shopping with me and had purchased this for her husband over the winter. They love it. Now, I do too! It's a Minosharp, purchased at Kitchen Window.

- pretty cheap as far as pepper mills go (around $20)
- one-handed action is convenient, especially when you have a baby in the other hand
- obvious how to use it--nice with visitors that don't necessarily want to be schooled in pepper milling when they just want to spice up their taters a bit

- can't adjust the grind. Not that I care about adjusting my grind. But if you do...

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