Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu plan 6/21

Monleft over pizza; mac-n-cheese for kids (solstice pj-party at toy store after swimming -- eat fast!)
Tuesrotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes 
WedsBBQ sandwiches, beans, slaw (pulling from our freezer--dwindling backstock, boo hoo)
Thurs chicken fajitas and peppers
Fri steak/brats/grilling eats
Extras fish sandwiches and slaw
Trying to get by without much shopping this week. We had fun celebrating last weekend with our baby's baptism, and really haven't done much in the kitchen since.

The convergence of mealtime and evening swimming lessons has been going well, oddly enough. We have a snack before leaving, and I've more often than not gotten dinner prepped or organized enough  in advance that we can eat shortly after being home. We caught a turtle on the way home tonight so that threw everything off meal-wise, hence the mac-n-cheese. A worthwhile diversion, though.

My mom asked if I felt like I was more organized with 3 kids. I'm not ready to claim a higher level of organization, but I do think I'm honing my prioritization skills. Having meals ready is high on that list to keep things flowing smoothly at night. Hungry kids = mayhem!

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