Sunday, December 6, 2009

Soothing Snibble

I've been casually attempting to learn to knit over the past month, not very successfully. Until tonight.

I found a knitting movie that had tremendous promise just by nature of the site design. Deliciously tacky. Then I played the video.

I didn't so much watch the video as let the comforting grandmotherly voice that used words like "snibble" roll over me. Within a few minutes, I had successfully knitted for the first time. So what does this have to do with cooking and kids? I wonder if this is about knitting at all and is more about defining a state of mind.

I feel like testing the effect of this video on some other tricky task. Oven repair? No problem honey. Let me grab my knitting video first. 12-hour, 3-day Epicurious birthday cake recipe to make? I'll do it while polishing my toenails and reading to the kids -- just as long as I've got the knitting audio on.

Who knows. Some people pray. Some people meditate. This ranks somewhere...

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