Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Addition

My husband's enthusiasm was unstoppable. After a call from my brother today offering a portable dishwasher for the taking, we have a new addition in our kitchen. For those of you that have been in my kitchen, you may be wondering the obvious: WHERE would it go?

This was my hesitation over the whole deal. 32" high counter tops right next to the modern-height dishwasher. It interrupts the window. It blocks access to some infrequently used cupboards. It has to be rolled across the room to be used. Net effect: It looks homeless.

7 hours into it, I have to admit I see glimmers of possibility. Sure, we'll revamp our kitchen one of these decades, but in the meantime, I did enjoy loading it up tonight and abandoning the kitchen sink. This just might work out. By the way, Matt is really excited about the fruit bowl being located on top of it. Note the empty counter space to the right where it used to sit. I'm a little baffled, but to each his own.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is great. Think of the time saved AND the improved presentation of the fruit bowl. This can only lead to eating more fresh fruit while watching the machine wash the dishes. This can only result in dramatic health benefits.