Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 22 - International Mood

MonDone...but we had a goulash made of garden toms and random left-over noodles from the cupboards
Tuesgrilled salmon and asparagus
Wedsburgers and homemade oven-fries
Thurs chicken mole with chipotles (Bon Appetit "International Delights")
Fri Chinese cashew chicken (Crock Pot Book left-over alternate recipe from 2 weeks ago)
Alt BLTs; pizza
Finally made it to the grocery store this morning. The kids were oddly excited to go (the lure of a "rocket-ship cart" carries enormous weight), so I seized the moment. I quickly put together a menu and shopping list then took advantage of grocery-store specials to round out specifics (e.g. "fish" was on the list--I picked up salmon based on prices; ice cream was NOT on the list, but was such a good deal that it had to be purchased).

There was a desperate scene as I finished bagging groceries. We were all pretty hungry, so I tore open the deli turkey and they ate slices while I finished bagging. Then I got out apples and we snacked on those as we rolled out to the car. Sort of a refugee-lunch, but I think they ate more that way than they usually do sitting at the table at home. Happy cooking.

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