Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chef or Cleaning Crew?

Back from a blissful week of no cooking or cleaning, where my most challenging daily dilemma was choosing a restaurant for dinner, I am confronted this Sunday night with a familiar question:

If given the choice between having a chef at home every meal, every day, or a cleaning person (lady, man, whatever sex gets the job done), which would I choose?

Right now, I'd have to say the chef. This is assuming they're making the menu, buying the groceries, and doing at least a somewhat considerate job of not trashing the kitchen (to ease clean-up since in this scenario I am the cleaning lady).

Sure, cooking is the more creative pursuit, but if I think about how much time I spend each day cleaning vs. cooking and prepping meals, cooking is the hands-down more time consuming task. Ask the dust bunnies in my house. They will answer. And they will agree. They're hardly disturbed in the average day around here!

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