Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 121—Birthday and Pre-Wedding Week

Mon – Grilled chicken, salad, peas/corn
Tues – Corn chowder w/biscuits, fried turkey sausage
Weds – Goulash
Thurs Road food
Fri rehearsal dinner (A time to privately toast the fact that we will never have to go through the hell of being the bride and groom again! Joy!)
Alts – Sunday hot dog roast and birthday cake
I like to celebrate people's birthdays on their actual birthdays, even if it's inconveniently located in the middle of a busy week. So it is with some foot-dragging on my part that we've decided NOT to celebrate my son's 2nd birthday in the van en route to Iowa this coming Thursday. Instead, we will celebrate with a proper weenie roast (as he has chosen) in our backyard on Sunday evening.

Happy birthday to you, though it's in a day or two...

It's going to be a busy week! At least the menu is planned. Just heard my husband come home with the groceries. Praise the Lord. Happy cooking.

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