Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coffee Mugs

Ah, coffee mugs. The slightly more adult-version of a t-shirt collection. They tell where we've been (Circus World), places we love (McNulty's Coffee), places we spend too much money (Freewheel Bike), people we love (corny kid-pictures), and family heirlooms (Disney mug I gave my parents 22 years ago and is now in MY cupboard). 

A few years ago my mother-in-law decided to organize her coffee mugs. She purged all the random ones she had collected over the years, leaving a set that matched the rest of her dishes. You need to know 2 things about this gal: 1) She drinks A LOT of coffee; and 2) she has a lot of people over that drink a lot of coffee. Within a few weeks she discovered the gift that a mis-matched collection of mugs brings: it's easy to tell whose is whose when they're perched around the house full of inky-black energy. I've taken that lesson to heart, and embraced my own random collection.

That snowman cup on the piano? That's mine. I know it's late April, but at least I know no one will confuse my 80-20 milk-coffee mixture for their own.

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