Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 116–Dinner for 5

Mon – Chili and baked potatoes (meal exchange)
Tues – Meatloaf (meal exchange)
Weds – Chicken fingers, corn, oven fries
Thurs – Enchilada Casserole (Taste of Home)
Fri – Crab cakes and salad, bread and butter (throwing a bone to the kids)
Alts – left-overs from the weekend
Since my youngest is now occasionally eating meal portions that rival his parents, I believe we're officially cooking for 5. By high school, they'll each need their own pizza to eat if I remember my own youth.

Hanging out with grade school and junior high best buddy, Susie Meffert (where is she now?), we'd order a Little Ceasar's "Pan-Pan" pair of pepperoni pizzas. Then we'd sit down with a pizza each and play Ouji board until we got a little too concerned that one or the other of us might end up in the spirit world permanently. Then we'd carefully pack it away, mop the grease off our lips and find something of this world to occupy our time. Like asking our parents if we could let our pet rabbits mate for a school science project. Good times. Happy cooking.

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