Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 108—Salmon are swimming

Mon – Spaghetti, bread, and edemame 
Tues – Steelhead, broiled, with roasted fingerling potatoes and edemame (popular lately!)
Weds – Chicken enchiladas w/tomatillo sauce and corn soup (Simply Mexican)
Thurs – Potroast something with large chunk of beef recently purchased (crock pot?)
Fri – Personal pita pizzas with feta, toms, etc and couscous
Alts – breakfast; Cuban rice and eggs
So many culinary things happening right now, so little time to write. Child joyfully shooting edemame across the dining room tonight will wake to find St Nick Pez dispenser full of soybeans in his shoes. Cannot wait. And yes, I think I'm a day late on the whole St Nick's day, but the kids don't care.

Happy cooking.

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