Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wave of Destruction

It was just one of those days. Things were going to break, catch on fire, or otherwise fall to pieces.

It started when I tried to use the blender like a food processor, chopping corn. It started to smoke then spew black bits all over as the rotator-thing seized. You can actually see some of the smoke toward the bottom left of the appliance in the photo. Miraculously, after the smoke cleared and the black bits were wiped up, it managed to whip up a smoothie just fine. No more corn.

A bit later, my 10-month-old was playing in the cupboards. Taking advantage of a completely inattentive mother, he pulled a stack of 3 mixing bowls off the shelf. While 2 of the bowls cracked (ah, the last of our fantastic wedding-gift Italian ceramic bowls--boo hoo!) the little boy was completely unharmed. Phew.

New bowls ordered on Amazon that night (don't ask why, but we ordered ceramic again). The last set dwindled over 11 years, so I guess that's not too bad. My husband thinks it was cheap pottery, citing the numerous Roman vessels that are still in fine shape today. I suggested that perhaps the Romans had better sense than to let their 10-month-old babies near them.

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