Monday, December 27, 2010

Week 82--Food fit for a Chilean

Tues –  Lasagna and mandarin salad w/garlic bread; burgers for lunch
WedsStir-fry beef (or 5/8 Club for Juicy Lucys)
Thurs Chicken tortilla soup (Best-Loved Slow Cooker Recipes) / open house chow for PM
Fri Road chow
Altseat out; salmon & greens; steaks
I got a mass-production size waffle iron from my mom-in-law for Christmas, so we tried it out tonight. Fabulous. It even came with a husband to make the waffles, at least on this initial run.

Our old exchange student comes from Chile tomorrow before starting an exchange semester at Iowa State University. We're thrilled he's with us this week and know, if his tastes are at all like they were 5 years ago, that meat and Coco Puffs should be on the menu and in the cupboards. Celebrating New Years with family this weekend. I think I have a little more room for sugary carbs. Happy cooking.

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