Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Late Feast

I dedicated myself to making the butternut squash soup tonight, so when I was just starting dinner at 6:15, I knew bedtime would be late. At 6:45 I decided I really wanted to try an onion cheddar biscuit recipe to go with the soup. Fortunately, my husband was on board with the plan, or at least not offering commentary to the contrary.

We ate at 7:15, and both the soup and biscuits were keeper new recipes. Love when that happens. Bonus: no one melted down even though things got late. Admittedly I came really close at one point when there were 3 balloons, 5 people, and 3 chairs set like picks in the middle of our 10x12 kitchen while I was trying to assemble ingredients for biscuits. I managed to use some calming techniques I usually offer my kids. Deep breath. Find the humor. Kick everyone out.

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