Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 78--Thanksgiving

MonChicken stir fry
TuesAlfredo or One-Pot spaghetti* (Better Homes)
Simple fridge-cleaning meals this week as we'll travel for Thanksgiving. I'm discovering that stir-fry is my version of the "Mom's Casserole" I grew up with. Give my mom fridge odds and ends, a pound of hamburger, and a can of creamy soup. Dinner's served. I do the same with left-over veggies, beans, chicken, steak, etc. for stir-fry. It's like a hot salad. Toss stuff in, add the dressing (ok, a stir-fry sauce), and a side of rice or soba noodles. It's hard to mess up and kids love an excuse to eat with sticks.

I wonder if I'll develop a reputation around this type of meal as my mom did. "What's for dinner, Mom?" "Stir-fry!" Groans. Happy cooking.

* indicates a meal that can be made in 20 minutes or less

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