Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 24-Chicken, Fish, Pasta

Monchicken fingers & squash
Tuesfish, potatoes and greens
Wedsrigatoni w/sausage & peas (from Viva Italia)
Thurs black bean & pumpkin soup w/ginger (from Once Upon a Tart)
Fri spaghetti and crusty bread
Alt burgers & oven fries
Something's happened where menu planning has taken approximately 4 minutes the past few weeks, including the time it takes to write the grocery list. I've been relying on lots of familiar recipes, adding only 1 or 2 new recipes a week which helps. I love it when you actually become more efficient (certainly not lazier/sloppier) at something. How often does that happen?

I also have a recipe from "Once Upon a Tart" this week, which is my favorite cookbook that I hardly ever cook from. Once Upon a Tart is a fun little bakeshop/cafe in NYC I used to go to occasionally for lunch or afternoon treat. I'm impressed the owners were willing to publish their recipes. They probably figured that no one in NYC cooks anyway, so no risk of losing customers that way. Nice resource for those of us that no longer have access to their cafe. Happy cooking.

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